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Has-Lo & Castle - Good Feelings


Vinyl Me, Please September Album of the Month

Title: Madvillain - Madvillainy

Format: 2LP (Black)

Pressing info: Limited to 3,000 stamp-numbered copies

Extras: Custom lyric book (via Jeff Jank) + 12” x 12” custom art print created from the original illustrations from Madvillain’s “All Caps” video, by James Reitano.

NotesWith this year marking the 10th anniversary of its original release, Vinyl Me Please has partnered with Los Angeles-based Stones Throw Records on an exclusive reissue of one of the most iconic rap records of the last decade.

Madvillainy is the debut album from American hip hop duo Madvillain, a group made up of MF Doom and Madlib. It was released on March 23, 2004 on Stones Throw Records and has since garnered significant critical acclaim and routinely cited as one of the great hip hop albums of all time.

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Since exiting as a 7 year host/producer of Rise Up Radio on WBAI in 2013, I have co- founded an online radio station of my own. In a world where media representation of young people of color is grossly inadequate, myself and a group of…



Yo we gotta be God’s children, fitted with Jesus pieces/
Tatted with hieroglyphics like young Kings of Egypt/
Born and raised, survivors, once imported as slaves/
Our sins reflect in our liquor bottles, pour it on graves/
Product of Reaganomics, thank God I made to college but still/

Dame Dash: Lyor Cohen Ruined Roc-A-Fella

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